Program Models

CastleAcademic Consortia

NMU is a member of several academic consortia with programs sponsored by partner universities in the United States.

Partner Providers

NMU also has partner agreements with third-party organizations. Partner programs offer competitive scholarship opportunities to qualified students.

  • ISA (International Studies Abroad)
  • GlobaLinks (formerly Asia-, Austra- and Euro-Learn)
  • Edge Hill University, (Ormskirk, England - based in the north west of England, offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses, research and knowledge transfer services.)

Bi-Lateral Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are based on an even flow of students and faculty between partner universities. Applications are coordinated on an individual basis between coordinating officers at each school, and tuition is paid at the home university.

IBSEN (International Business Studies Exchange Network) features international business studies with a special focus on case studies and project-based learning:


North America:


Other International Exchange Partners:

* Even though you may study abroad through one of these NMU partner organizations, it is still considered an NMU study abroad program.