International Education Weekiew2013

International Education Week (IEW) is jointly sponsored by US Department of State and Department of Education to celebrate benefits of international education at higher education throughout the U.S. campuses. In order to celebrate IEW at our campus, International Programs Office hosts a variety of events which NMU community can participate. Please check events, and join us to celebrate IEW, and explore variety of cultural aspects! All events are open to public with free admissions.  

Thank you for those who attended our IEW events! Here is a list of foreign films and ethnic foods that NMU faculty and staff member voted!

International Film

  • Dersu Usula
    • Director- Akira Kurosawa
    • Country - Co-production of Japan and the Soviet
    • Year: 1975
    • Description from a NMU faculty member - “Just as the US had its westward expansion, so too did the Russians expand into Siberia in the late 19th century; a visually stunning masterpiece.”


  • Night Watch
    • Director - Timur Bekmambetov
    • Country - Russia
    • Year - 2004
    • Description from a NMU staff member - It’s a great supernatural-thriller-type story – a great spin on the vampire myth.  It’s on Netflix, for anyone interested in watching it.”


  • Chocolat
    • Director - Lasse Hallstrom
    • Country - U.S.-U.K. (filmed in England and France)
    • Year: 2000
    • Why is this film special for a NMU staff member? - : I met a guy on-line.  He was coming to my town to visit for the first time in person.  I did not want to just drive him around town and say, “Here’s our Wal-Mart!”  Then I remembered at the end of this movie, someone had tied a balloon onto the statue of a curmudgeon mayor.  And with the balloon, the statue developed a smile. So this inspired me to get a bunch of balloons, take my beau around our city, and tie balloons onto statues as a way of showing him our community. Eventually we married and just celebrated our 10th anniversary.”


  • The Legend of Suriyothai
    • Director – Chatrichalerm Yukol
    • Country -Thailand
    • Year – 2001
    • Description – It is a telling story of Queen Suriyothai, who died in a battle in 1548 against Burmese invaders. In the film, Queen Suriyothai takes her battle elephant in front of the Burmese army and sacrifices herself to save the life of her king Maha Chakkraphat and his kingdom (from Wikipedia).


Ethnic Dish

  • Machas a la parmesana
    • Country - Chile
    • This is a saltwater clam, a bivalve that is native to Chile.  It is prepared with the meat of the macha in one half of the shell, covered in Parmesan cheese, a little butter and seasoned with white wine or a drop of lemon, and then baked for a few minutes (from Wikipedia).


  • Vegetable Alecha with injera bread
    • Country – Ethiopia
    • Comment from NMU staff member - "Vegetable Alecha, an Ethiopian stew traditionally served with injera bread for scooping, and no utensils.  Once or twice a year, we’ll make an Ethiopian dinner as a special get-together for friends.  The recipes are very easy to make large amounts of, and it’s always a great time.  We’ll typically make this stew and bread, mesir wat (a lentil dish), and atar allecha (a pea dish – although I usually substitute frozen peas for the traditional split peas, since it’s faster).  [It can be hard to find, but we get the berbere and other spices and the teff flour from the Marquette Food Co-op.]"


  • Flan
    • Country – Many Spanish speaking countries.
    • Why is this special for a NMU staff member? – “I ask for this in lieu of cake for my birthday.”