NMU’s Exchange Beyond Match Scholarship

Scholarship for international students participating in non-degree international exchange programs

Information about Exchange Beyond Match is also available in Japanese.

Students from universities around the world are eligible to receive the Exchange Beyond Match (EBM) scholarship in order to study at NMU as a non-degree seeking exchange student.  The EBM scholarship allows students to experience up to one year at a top-notch U.S. institution, while paying tuition fees that are equivalent to the in-state or resident tuition rate.  Please contact Susan Morgan at smorgan@nmu.edu to apply.


Eligibility & Award Criteria: 

  • Must hold a valid U.S. student visa and be in status
  • Must be participating in a formal exchange program recognized by NMU
  • Must meet any program specific admission requirements
  • Must be enrolled full-time as a non-degree seeking NMU student
  • Recipients are eligible for the award for a maximum of one academic year
  • Fall & Winter semester awards will be $2,200 each
  • Summer semester awards will be $1,000 each
  • Award winners are expected to participate in intercultural sharing and/or service activities
  • There is no application process for the scholarship.  Recipients will be notified of the award during the program enrollment process.


Application Procedures:

1. Fill out the Application for Exchange Beyond Match

2. Provide Certification of Finances in the amount of $22,537 for one academic year (two semesters) or $11,357 for one semester.

3. Transcript - Send a transcript to Northern Michigan University.

4. Passport - Provide us with a copy of your passport. This will be used to enter your name on your DS 2019 as it appears in your passport.

5. English Proficiency - TOEFL score of 61 iBT, 173 computer based or IELTS score of a 6 OR you will take a COMPASS placement test at NMU and be placed in the appropriate English composition course EN 109 (5 credits) or EN 090 (4 credits).

6. Provide a list of courses that you are interested in taking (at least 6).

      a. Click on http://ssb.nmu.edu:8090/pls/PROD/bwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched.
      b. Select the term you are coming to NMU under "Search by Term" (example Fall 2013) and submit
      c. Select the subject you are interested in taking (example "Accounting) and select "class search" at the bottom.
          (you can select multiple subjects by holding "Ctrl" key.
      d. Take note of the class and section number (01, 02, 03 (on campus) etc... 55, 56 (web courses) 
          (example "ACT 201 01 Practical Acct Procedures) 

You will not be registered for all 6 courses but this will give us extra courses to choose from when putting together your class schedule. A member from our office will be in contact with you regarding your course selections and your course schedule. It is best to be enrolled in 12-16 credits per semester so you have a chance to share your culture at different events and enjoy the Marquette culture. Don't forget about our Health Promotion (HP) courses. NMU offers a wide variety of activity courses for students to take.


Estimated Fees (2013-14 Fall and Winter Semesters)

  Academic Year


Tuition and Fees $9,713 $4,857
Room & Board $8,696 $4,348
Books & Supplies $800 $400
Health Insurance $1,478(mandatory) $827 (mandatory)
Personal & Travel $1,850 $925
Total for Academic Year $22,537 $11,357

Note: Exchange Beyond Match scholarship is deducted from tuition amount above.

All information should be sent to the International Programs Office and we will hand deliver it to the appropriate offices.

Additional Information regarding housing, health insurance, orientation and the academic calendar.