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Wildcats International Neighbors: W.I.N. 

The W.I.N. program is designed to a mutually beneficial for both NMU international students and local community members through learning and sharing cultures. It is also a mentor program for international students in order to make their transitions to the NMU environment smooth. This program is for one academic year (September to April), and we ask you to commit to meet with your partners at least once in a month to do a variety of activities and/or attend events that both local community members and international students decide (*IPO will give examples of activities that you can do). Local community members and international students are connected based on their needs, interests and hobbies. At the end of each semester (November and April), International Programs Office will contact you to ask for feedback of this program.

For more information of W.I.N. program, please click here.

Please contact Tony Tollefson if you have questions.


Winter Prep Workshop



If you missed all Winter Prep Workshop sessions, don't worry. Here is a power-point of a workshop.