The Superior Experience Scholarship - Partner

Scholarship for international students participating in non-degree international exchange programs

The Superior Experience Scholarship is available to non-degree seeking international students enrolled at NMU through participation in a formal international education exchange program.  The Superior Experience Scholarship is a way for NMU to collaborate with partner organizations by increasing opportunities for their students beyond direct student exchange.

Eligibility & Award Criteria: 

  • Must hold a valid U.S. J1 student visa and be in status
  • Must be participating in a formal exchange program recognized by NMU 
  • Must meet any program specific admission requirements
  • Must be enrolled full-time as a non-degree seeking NMU student
  • Recipients are eligible for the award for a maximum of one academic year
  • Fall & Winter semester awards will be $2,200 each
  • Summer semester awards will be $1,000 each
  • Award winners are expected to participate in intercultural sharing and/or service activities
  • There is no application process for the scholarship.  Recipients will be notified of the award during the program enrollment process.


  • Recipients are expected to maintain lawful immigration status according to the guidelines set by the Department of Homeland Security, Northern Michigan University, and their program administrator
  • NMU’s International Education Services is responsible for verifying all renewal criteria

For further information, please contact:

International Education Services

2001 Hedgcock

+1-906-227-2510 – voice

+1-906-227-1714 – fax - email