International Student Scholarships

NMU's Award for Global Ambassadors
(available to new NMU students who enroll between Fall 2013 and Winter 2016)

The Award for Global Ambassadors is given to academically talented NMU international students with a 3.0 or higher GPA. Award recipients are expected to engage in cultural sharing or community service activities. Click on the link to see eligibility and award criteria.

Exchange Beyond Match Scholarship

The Exchange Beyond Match scholarship is given to non-degree seeking students who come to NMU as part of an international exchange program. Click on the link to see eligibility awards and criteria.

NMU Foundation International Student Scholarships

These scholarships are available through the NMU Foundation to international students.  Awards vary between several hundred and several thousand dollars per student, per semester. Applications are due during the Winter semester—please check for exact deadlines.

Graduate Student Assistantships

Students who are formally enrolled in a graduate program can apply to be a graduate assistant. Graduate assistants help with teaching, researching, and office work. You can apply for a graduate assistantship in your department of study, or you can also apply for a graduate assistantship in a service office on campus. Graduate assistants receive money for tuition and living expenses.

Scholarships for NMU students who first enrolled prior to Fall 2013

International Academic Award 

The International Academic Award is automatically given to academically talented, undergraduate international students who are enrolled at Northern Michigan University as baccalaureate students. Click on link to see eligibility and award criteria.

Transfer International Academic Award 

The Transfer International Academic Award is available to academically talented, undergraduate bachelor degree seeking transfer students transferring from an accredited U.S. college. Clink on the link to see eligibility and award criteria.