Meet our Global Ambassadors

Meet some of NMU's Global Ambassador Scholars: 

Name: Samanthia Johnson

Gender: Female

Home Country: Jamaica

Language spoken: English, Patois

Major: Biology with a concentration in zoology

Been at NMU since: 2014

Why I choose NMU: I chose NMU because of track and field and I do not regret my decision. It has become like a second home to me and the people are great.

Favorite thing to do here: Hiking and going to the beach in the fall



Name: Anikken Gjerde Alnaes

Gender: Female

Home Country: Norway

Languages: Norwegian, English

Major: Management

NMU since: August 2016

Why I chose NMU: because of a great Nordic ski team and our coaches Sten and Shane. 

Favorite thing to do: Ski and explore new places.


Name: Jimin Kim
Gender: Female
Home country: South Korea
Languages spoken: Korean and English
Major: Marketing
Minor: English
Been at NMU since: 2013
Why I chose NMU: NMU was the best school among the options I had.
Favorite thing to do here: Go down to the lake and enjoy the beautiful scene!

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Name: Leanne Liu

Home Country: Peoples Republic of China

Gender: Female

Languages Spoken: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English

Major: Finance and Risk Management

Been at NMU since: Fall 2013

Why I choose NMU: NMU is a safe and peaceful place which gives a perfect environment for international students to learn

Favorite thing to do here: Enjoying the beautiful lake on a sunny day



Name: Umair Riyas

Gender: Male

Home Country: Sri Lanka

Languages Spoken: Sinhalese, Tamil, English

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Been at NMU since: August 2014

Why I choose NMU: exactly the kind of program I was searching for 

Favorite thing to do here: Kayaking, Cliff Diving, Community Service.