This summer, NMU will launch a survey for alumni who have graduated in the last 3 years. The goal of the
survey is to gather student perspectives of their learning and to collect information about their post
graduate outcomes. The survey also asks students what they valued most during their time here,
and what the university can do to improve the Wildcat experience.

Alumni who have graduated between August 2014 and December 2017 are invited to participate.
Everyone who completes the survey will receive four desktop background images—one for every
season in Marquette. All participants will also be entered in a drawing to pick from a menu of
fabulous prizes!

“This project will provide much deeper insights into the activities of our graduates. The information
gathered from the survey will be critical to academic departments, as they understand how learning
has prepared graduates for life after college. The information will be used by administration when
deciding on new initiatives and resource allocation for existing programming. Potential recruits and
current students will also have comprehensive post-graduation outcomes information giving them a
glimpse of what life has been like for those who have come just before them. We hope to do this
project every 3 years moving forward to ensure that the information is rich, timely, and meaningful to
our students.”

Once data collection and analyses are complete, this page will be updated with dashboards and
infographics of the results.  Stay tuned!