Staff Directory

Please contact the following staff members for these types of services:

  • Information services: Felecia Flack, Assistant V.P.- Information Services, 227-1272
  • Technical services: David Maki, Chief Technology Officer, 227-1262
  • Telecom and Network services: Stephanie Penhale, Senior Telecom Network Specialist, 227-1995

NOTE: If you are looking for services that pertain to supporting classroom instruction, go to the Academic Information Services site for contact information.  If you don’t know which area is most appropriate for your need, contact the BI/IS main line at 227-2410 and you will be directed to the correct technical support area.

Staff Directory

Business Intelligence – Information Services
Phone: 906-227-2410
Campus Location: 503 and 504 Cohodas Hall

Felecia Flack
Tony Bertucci
Rocco Carello
Chris Danik
Allie Erickson
Judy Hopper
Leslie Hurst
Kelly Larmour
Brian Larson
Chris Lewis
Brian Maniko
Bill Richards
Ed Yohe
Technical Services
Phone: 906-227-2525
Campus Location: Basement, Cohodas Hall
Dave Maki
Jerome Anderson
John Marra
Karl Mulder
James Juopperi Jr.
Donn Wolf
Jeff Wommer

Information Technology - Telecom and Network Services
Phone: 906-227-1995
Campus Location: Basement, Cohodas Hall

Don Salo
Don Duquette
Keith O'Brien
Stephanie Penhale