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Quality recruiting results in a quality applicant pool.  The purpose of any recruiting effort is to cast a wide net in places where there are likely to be high-quality applicants.  Consequently, there is no “one best way” in which to recruit.  Having said that, there are a series of key points to consider as you assess your recruiting strategy.

Some of the decisions you’ll need to make are as follows:

  • Are there professional associations with posting options or annual meetings?
  • Should I use a social media site for recruiting? Please note:  social media sites should not be the only source for recruiting. While these sites can be used to post information about a job opening; these sites should not be used to look for or screen applicants.  If certain identifying information is gained, this could lead to Affirmative Action violations.  Please see the following for guidance on using social media.
  • Do you need a print publication, or can it be exclusively on-line?
  • Do on-line ads charge per word/page, or by posting (unlimited text)?
  • What are the estimated expenses for advertising/recruiting?
  • How long do you want to recruit?  How does your timeline compare to the timeline for your recruiting sources?
  • How broadly do you need to seek?  Local?  Regional?  National?  International?
  • How many applicants do you expect?  What types of screening questions or assignment of points could help you manage multiple applicants?

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These materials are a work in progress and continuously evolving based on your feedback and best practices.  Please forward your constructive comments and improvement suggestions to Julane Cappo, Associate Director of Human Resources, at