NMU typically issues paychecks every other week (new employees have a three-week delay). Direct Deposit is highly encouraged. This saves the university paper and printing costs and is not only generally more convenient for employees, but also allows money to be deposited in their accounts more quickly than making a manual deposit. No paper records are issued for direct deposit enrollees, but payroll stubs, leave and sick-time balances, deductions, and other wage and benefit information is available at MyNMU under the Web for Employees section. Students also may view their pay stubs, deductions and total earnings or change direct deposit information on MyNMU (Student Services tab, Main Menu, Employee).

Those not enrolled in direct deposit may pick up their check from the Human Resources office beginning at 8 a.m. (7:30 a.m. during summer hours) only on payday Thursday and Friday, along with the following Monday and Tuesday. A photo I.D. is required. 

Most Northern Michigan University employees use an automated time recording system to record and submit the hours they work and benefit time they use. They access submission reports via Web for Employees on MyNMU (Employee Services tab). Some employees and all student time is recorded on an online system called UltraTime.  There are various forms in which time is tracked for student employees; for instance, they might use punch cards, enter their own time, or have it entered by a supervisor, depending on the department.