Northern Michigan University
Excellence-in-Service Procedures

INITIATED: December 21, 2005

APPROVED: January 18, 2006



This procedure supports Northern Michigan University's Excellence-in-Service Award policy.


This policy pertains to all individuals in the following staff groups: AFSCME, Technical and Office Professional, Administrative Professionals, and Non-Represented (Coaches, Deans, Department Heads, Executives, Senior Administrators, & Senior Management)


General Annually, the University will consider nominations and will recognize up to two individuals from each group listed above.  Nomination and selection criteria are listed below.  Management of this program will be monitored by the Director of Human Resources.

When nominating an individual for this award, consideration must be directed to the individual's overall performance and accomplishments in furthering the goals of the University.  Nominations should be submitted for those individuals whose efforts go beyond the normal routine daily duties.  Examples could include customer service enhancements, increased operational efficiency, development of new programs/procedures, continuous excellence in service and positive exemplary interactions with students, parents, staff and visitors, etc.  Those who have previously received this award are eligible for consideration, based upon their record of achievement since the time of nomination for their last award.

Nominating Instructions Individuals being nominated for this award can be nominated by either of the following:

  1. The immediate supervisor.
  2. By an individual who has a regular working relationship with the nominee.

Individuals being considered for nomination must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have at least 3 years of service at NMU as a full or part time (not less than .50 FTE) employee.
  2. Have at least 2 years of service in their current assignment.
  3. Have a positive employment record during the past three years.
  4. Have evidence of exemplary performance, accomplishments, and or continuous excellence in service which support the goals of the University.  Examples of exemplary performance, accomplishments, continuous excellence in service, interactions must be included with the nomination packet.
  5. Cannot be serving on the selection committee at the time of nomination.

All nominations will be submitted utilizing the Northern Michigan University Excellence-in-Service Award Nomination online form.   The nomination form must be completed in full and as noted above must includes examples of exemplary performance, accomplishments, continuous excellence in service, interactions; all of which further the goals of the University.  All nomination forms must include the name, phone number and email address of the nominator.  Staff members who are previous Excellence-in-Service Award winners can be nominated and considered for subsequent awards after a five (5) years waiting period from the previous award.

Selection Committee Instructions Northern Michigan University will establish a selection committee responsible for reviewing all nominations and selecting the award recipient for each employee group.  Members of the committee, with the exception of the Human Resources representative, will serve for a three year period.  The committee shall consist of one individual from each of the following groups:

  • Senior Management Official
  • Senior Administrator
  • Administrative Professional
  • Clerical Technical
  • Academic Dean
  • Human Resources – Ex-Officio (chairperson)

Human Resources must receive the nominations by the end of the first full week in February.  The committee will review all nominations to determine the top three finalists in each group.  The committee will determine the names of the award recipients and submit the recommendations to the President and the Vice Presidents.  Upon concurrence of the President and the Vice Presidents, all award recipients will be announced not later than the 3rd week in March.

The committee will evaluate each nomination on the following criteria:

  1. nominee's authorization to be considered.
  2. notable accomplishments, exemplary performance, interaction, and/or service which further supports the goals of the University.
  3. annual performance ratings and positive employment record.
  4. supervisor's recommendations.

Media coverage:  Human Resources will coordinate with the Communications and Marketing Department to arrange press releases to announce the award winners.  Each release will include a photograph of the award recipients and a brief description about each individual’s accomplishments.

Award Presentation:  The award recipients will be honored at the annual Retirement and Service Award Luncheon in April.

The Excellence-in-Service Award recipients will be honored with the following:

  1. A cash award of $1000 (one time cash bonus after taxes)
  2. A plaque




Human Resources, ext. 2330.

For associated policy, please click here: Staff recognition policy