After Hours Use Of University Facilities Procedure

INITIATED: March 22, 2000

APPROVED: September 13, 2000


The purpose of this procedure is to provide instructions to the campus community for gaining access to facility use after hours.


Faculty, staff, students and individuals not associated with the university.


1. Whenever possible, all students are to use University facilities under the supervision of a University employee.
2. Students who are unable to use University facilities during supervised hours, but must use these areas to complete projects assigned by their instructor, supervisor, or advisor may do so if:
a. they have prior written approval from the instructor, supervisor, or advisor specifying the project which will be worked on and the hours they will be using the facility;
b. they have prior written approval from the unit or individual responsible for the facility, or area, if different from a, above; (See Approval Authority)
c. they have in their possession a copy of the written approval, to be shown to University employees, upon request;
d. Public Safety and Police Services and the unit or individual responsible for the facility, or area, have been provided a copy of the written approval.
3. Students are not to be given building keys or given unlimited access to any University building unless their University employment necessitates it, and they have the prior written approval of the appropriate President's Council member.




Plant Operations-Facilities/Finance and Administration, ext. 2292

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