Inclement Weather Procedures

INITIATED: October, 1986

APPROVED: October, 1986


To provide guidelines in the cancellation of classes and/or closure of the University due to inclement weather.


All faculty, staff, and students.


The following guidelines should serve as an aid in interpreting the University’s Inclement Weather Policy. By clearly stating what the responsibilities are and where they lie, the policy will hopefully be administered fairly and serve the purposes for which it is intended.

Guidelines: A General Statement

The primary responsibility for implementing the Inclement Weather Policy resides with the individual. As a student, you bear the responsibility of making your special circumstances known to your professor. As a professor, you bear the responsibility of making your special circumstances known to your students and to apply this policy as fairly as possible.

A reminder: University policies are not made lightly, and they are not meant to be taken lightly. Everyone should try to avoid creating a situation where conflict might arise in operating under or applying a given policy.

Guidelines to the Student

  1. Excused absence because of inclement weather conditions is generally a matter between you and your professor. If there is an unresolved matter after you have sought an excused absence from your instructor, it is your right to appeal the matter to the head of the department in which the instructor is a member or, in his/her absence, to the dean of the college.

  2. If you miss class because of inclement weather, you must notify the faculty member at the earliest possible time—preferably within 24 hours—and not a week or two later.

Guidelines to the Faculty Member

  1. If a student resides in an area where conditions have caused local school closings, then weather should be a factor in excusing that student. For example, if schools in Ishpeming have been closed, a student in that area may well have problems driving into Marquette.
  2. If you are unable to drive to the campus for a class because of inclement weather/unsafe road conditions, it is your responsibility to call the department/dean’s office to do everything possible to provide timely notification to students that you have canceled class. You may also notify your students through the class roster function in EduCat.
  3. If you want/need verification about road or weather conditions on a particular day, contact the Office of Public Safety (227-2151). They should be able to provide this information.

Guidelines to the Staff

  1. Staff members should become familiar with inclement weather procedures for staff (click here)




Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

For implementing instructions, please click here: Inclement Weather Policy