Rental Contacts

INITIATED: March 22, 1999

APPROVED: September 14, 2000


The purpose of this procedure is to provide the names of people to contact to arrange for the rental of university facilities and/or equipment.


Faculty, staff, students and individuals not associated with the university.


Contact the following people associated with the appropriate facility and/or equipment.

Conference Facilities - Conference Department
2102 Bottum University Center        Phone: 906.227.2634

Forest Roberts Theatre - Director
Forest Roberts Theatre                    Phone: 906.227.2553

Superior Dome, Hedgecock Field-house, Physical Education Instruction Facility, Berry Events Center, intramural fields, and athletic fields - Recreational Facilities Services
Director - Recreational Facilities and Services
C101 Superior Dome                        Phone: 906.227.2850

Bottum University Center - Director of University Center
1106 Bottum University Center        Phone: 906.227.2645




Plant Operations-Facilities/Finance and Administration, ext. 2292

For associated policy, please click here:  Use of University Facilities and Equipment Policy