Emeritus Selection Procedure

INITIATED: November 1, 2001

APPROVED: February 6, 2002



This procedure establishes the process for nominating, recommending/approving, and confirming individuals for Emeritus status as required by Northern Michigan University's Emeritus Selection Policy.


The following procedure pertains to all individuals in the following staff groups:  Academic Department Heads, Administrative Professionals, Coaches, Deans, tenured AAUP Faculty with the rank of Professor, NMUFA Faculty with the rank of Professor, President, Senior Administrators, Senior Management, and Vice Presidents.


Nomination Process:


Upon notification to the Human Resources Department by an individual stating their intent to retire and meeting the eligibility requirements, the Human Resourced Department will notify the supervisor requesting the consideration of the retiring individual for Emeritus status.  The supervisor will be advised to consider the individual for such status and to advise the Human Resources Department whether a nomination will or will not be initiated.  This process does not preclude a colleague from making the nomination.

2. To be eligible for consideration, the nominee must be assigned to a position from one of the staff groups noted above and normally have 10 or more years of distinguished and honorable service to Northern Michigan University.  It should be noted that length of service to the University does not, by itself, warrant consideration for this honor.
3. All AAUP faculty nominations will be submitted via memorandum, in accordance with the AAUP Master Agreement (Article 5.2), to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  All NMUFA faculty nominations will be submitted via memorandum to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  All staff nominations will be submitted via memorandum to the Director of Human Resources.  If a colleague initiates the nomination, the nomination needs to be supported in writing by the retiree's supervisor.  Nominations will include the following information (see the sample memorandums: faculty sample, staff sample):
a. Name of individual being nominated.
b. A description of the individual's distinguished and honorable service to Northern Michigan University.  This should include major accomplishments, achievements, or contributions that have had a significant impact on the University.


4. The Director of Human Resources will review all staff nominations to ensure the individual meets the eligibility requirements for this honor.


Recommendation/Approval Process:

1. The Director of Human Resources will forward all eligible staff nominations to the respective Vice President (President) for consideration.
2. If the Vice President concurs with the request, the Vice President will submit a formal request of recommendation for Emeritus status to the President for approval.  All candidates approved by the President for Emeritus status will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for confirmation.
3. If the Vice President (President) does not concur with the nomination request, the Vice President (or the President) will forward a written response to the individual that initiated the nomination request.  The response will state that the request was received and evaluated but, was not favorably considered for submission to the Board of Trustees.


Confirmation & Honors Process:

1. The Office of the President will submit for confirmation all approved nominations for Emeritus status.
2. Upon confirmation by the Board of Trustees to bestow the honor of Emeritus status to an individual, recognition will occur, via a formal ceremony, upon the retirement of the individual.
3. In addition to benefits and services provided to all retirees by the University, additional honors will include an engraved plaque to the individual bestowing such honors, the individual's name listed in the University catalogue, and a plaque included on the wall of Emeritus Faculty and Staff.


Sample memorandums of nomination for faculty and staff.


Human Resources, ext. 2330.


For associated policy, please click here: Emeritus Selection Policy