Appeals Procedure For Policies
For Governing Student Organizations

INITIATED: August 1, 2004

APPROVED: September 17, 2004


To provide information on the appeals procedure for policies pertaining to student organizations.


All NMU student organizations.


A student or student organization may appeal interpretations of the Policies for Governing Student Organizations to the Associate Provost for Student Services and Enrollment. Appeals should be submitted in writing to the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Office. Appeals should cite the particular provisions of the policy being appealed and the specifics of the situation that is in question.

There are six policies at Northern Michigan University governing student organizations that are interpreted and implemented by staff in the Student Activities & Leadership Programs Office. These policies include:

  • Policy Relating to Activity Approval and the Use of University Facilities by Registered Student Organizations.
  • Guidelines for Student Organization Fundraising Activities
  • Guidelines for Student Sponsored Political Activities on Campus
  • Posting Materials Policy
  • Student Organization Registration Policy
  • Distribution or Sale of NMU Student Publications and Other Written Materials




Student Activities & Leadership Programs Office