Purchasing Procedure

INITIATED: March 22, 1999
APPROVED: December 15, 2004
Revised:  October 1, 2005


To provide guidance to faculty, staff, students and interested parties regarding the University requirements for purchasing goods and services.


All faculty, staff, students, and vendors.


1.     Departments requiring purchases shall



Develop an estimate of cost.  If $1,000 or less, contact the vendor to determine ability to pay with the Departmental procurement card.  If vendor accepts card as form of payment, follow applicable guidelines for procurement card purchasing on Purchasing Department Web page.

If purchase is greater than $1,000, submit a purchase requisition, completely fill out with description of product/s, vendor, if known, appropriate account number and date product is needed.  If in excess of $3,000, and multiple sources are identifiable, bids will be solicited. Upon receipt of bids, the information will be reviewed with the department and order placed.

2.     Vehicle Purchases

All vehicles shall be purchased through the competitive bid process.  Exceptions to this procedure shall be determined by the Director of Business Services.  Examples of exceptions are:  used vehicles, no other source, factory direct, or other similar circumstances.  A completed purchase requisition shall be submitted to the Purchasing Department, including a description of the vehicle, options desired and any special requirements.  If a vehicle is to be traded in a complete description is required, i.e., year, mileage and general condition statement, accompanied by an NMU Equipment Disposal Form.  Purchasing will submit these specifications to vendors and receive competitive bids to supply the vehicle.  Normal bid time is two weeks after release.  Once bids are received, the results are shared with the department, and with concurrence of the Risk Manager, the order is placed.  Upon delivery to the University, the Risk and Insurance Manager will apply for a Michigan Title, provide or    transfer a license plate and new proof of insurance.





Purchasing Department, ext. 2360

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