Equipment Authorization Form



Model #                                                                                              

This equipment has been classified as follows:

                        Category I:  General electronic repair parts and materials, service and parts manuals are on file in the LR Engineering Department in support of this equipment.  Failure constitutes a Priority One situation which can cause redirection of engineering from other projects, change work schedules and authorize overtime as necessary to effect repair, replacement, substitution or rental of backup equipment.

                        Category II:  Will be maintained, repaired and supported with backup equipment without charge.  Parts and service manuals are on hand and a stock of general repair parts exists to aid in repair of this equipment.


                        Category III

                                    This equipment does not generally represent a wise investment of university funds for use in industrial situations.  No parts or backup equipment are available at LR to support this equipment.  Failure and/or coverage of assignment resulting from failure is the responsibility of the department.

                                    This equipment is not recommended for the use intended.  Recommended equipment is:




                                    Cost difference between requested and recommended equipment is $                .


Dean/Director                                                   Vice President