Students are expected to attend all class meetings of courses in which they enroll.  Students who are absent from classes because of participation in University-sponsored activities are to be excused.  (Current Bulletin)

_____________________________ will be absent from class because of participation in

  (Student’s name)                                University-sponsored activities on the following


DATES                                                            CLASSES TO BE MISSED

Sponsored by:___________________________________________________________

                                      (Name of department or organization)

The student named above should be given reasonable opportunity to make up work missed because of such absence(s).  We appreciate your cooperation.

____________________                    __________________________________________

       (date)                                                                      (Sponsor)

The use of this form has the endorsement of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Cabinet.  Travel schedules for student-athletes have been reviewed and approved by the Athletic Council.  The Athletic Council has a policy which allows a maximum of 8 missed class days per semester during the regular season.  Post-season competition is allowed in addition to the 8 days.