INITIATED: January 4, 1999

APPROVED: January 4, 1999


To establish policy pertaining to the development of the University's Administrative Policies Manual.


All Faculty and Staff.


It is the policy of Northern Michigan University that all official policies impacting the University's day-to-day operations will be incorporated into The Northern Michigan University Administrative Policies Manual.  The following definitions are provided in order to distinguish what documents will be maintained in this manual:

Board of Control Policy:  A rule or absolute statement of philosophy which guides the actions of the entire University community in fulfilling the University's mission.

Administrative Policy:  A statement of principles, approved by the President, which guide the day-to-day actions and operations of the University community in implementing Board of Control Policy.

This manual will not include departmental/divisional policies that are internal to a single department/division.  In addition, procedures, guidelines, practices in support of such policies will not be included in this manual.  However, policies having supporting procedures, guidelines, and practices will be linked to a supporting manual of procedures.

The Northern Michigan University Policies Manual will be maintained as a web based document available on demand to all faculty and staff via the Human Resources Web Page.  There will be no official hard copy document on file.  In addition, Management of Northern Michigan University Administrative Policies Manual will be designated to the Human Resources Department.




Human Resources, ext. 2330