Administrative Policy Manual

The Northern Michigan University Administrative Policies Manual is designed as the focal point of all official university policies impacting daily operations of the university community. As the university's central collecting facility of essential information, this manual will be accessible to every faculty and staff member within the university community via the Human Resources Web site. Management of the University Administrative Policies Manual has been designated to the Human Resources Department.

All policies for inclusion into the Administrative Policies Manual must be submitted in accordance with the manual guidelines. Instructions on initiating a new policy or updating a current policy can be viewed in the Northern Michigan University Procedure Manual "Development of Policies." Development of new policies and updating of current policies will be the responsibility of the initiating division/department. A directory of all current policies is listed below.

Northern Michigan University is consistently revising and enhancing programs and activities to better serve the public. These efforts will often impact current policies thus requiring revision action. Therefore, at least annually, Human Resources will initiate a coordinated effort to review and update all policies with the respective departments and divisions.

Please note that many of the listed policies below may require implementing or processing procedures. Each policy will state within the policy and include a link to any required procedures. Click here to proceed directly to the university administrative procedures manual.

Any questions or suggestions for improving this manual can be directed to the Human Resources 906-227-2330.


Administrative Policies Manual Guidelines

Abandoned Vehicles
Acceptable Use
Acceptance of Gifts Of Real Estate
Accepting or Granting Gratuities or Special Favors
Accident Report
Advertising Guidelines
After Hours Use of university Facilities
Alcohol and Illegal Drugs
Archives and Records Management
Asbestos Management
Athletic Accident Insurance

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure and Control
Bookstore Profits
Business Cards

Campus Emergencies
Cell Phone Service and Related Equipment
Central Stores Requisitions
Change-in-Use/Moves and/or Renovation/Remodeling Project
Class Attendance
Conference and Guest Housing
Confined Space Entry
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Consensual Relationship
Consultant and Outside Activities
Copier/Digital Duplicator
Credit and Collections

Debt Hold System
Departmental Cash Receipts
Distinguished Faculty Awards Program
Distribution of Revenues From Copiers, Pay Telephones, Concessions, and Vending
Drug Free Workplace Act

Electronic Records Management
Emergency Guidelines
Emeritus Selection
Employee Delinquent Accounts
Employee Handling of a Student Organization's Funds
Employee Health and Safety
Employee Use of University Resources
Employees Appointed to Outside Boards, Councils, Commissions, etc.
Employees Elected to Public Office
Employees Serving on Outside Boards, Councils, Commissions, etc. Unrelated to Employment
Employee's Association with the University for Financial Gain or Private Interest
Employment Extension Policy
Energy Conservation
Entry into and Search of Residence Hall Rooms
Equipment, Student
Exhibits and Displays at Northern Michigan University Facilities
Eye Safety


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy
Fire Alarm Evacuation Procedures
Food Service Policy
Fraud Policy
Freedom of Information
Fund Raising and Soliciting Gifts

Grant or Contract Generated Indirect Funds

Handicapped Parking
Handling of Summons, Complaint, or Legal Document
Handling the Billing, Payments and Funds of International Students
Hazard Communications
Hazardous Material Management
Hazardous Waste, Disposal
Hospitality Management Program Food Service Activities
Housing Requirement
Human Subjects - Reporting Research Involving
Human Subjects - Compliance with HHS Regulations
Human Tissue Use

Immigration Policy
In-Kind Gifts and Exchanges
Incident Reporting for Accidents/Injuries/Illnesses
Inclement Weather
Intellectual Property
Internet Policy
Intra-University Billings

JOBSearch Center Fees

Key Control

Legal Representation
Liquor License Approval

Maintenance of University Facilities and Grounds
Mandatory Rubeola (Measles) Immunization
Media Equipment Policy
Medical Transport
Military Withdrawal Exemption
Minimum Class Size
Motor Pool
Motor Vehicle Ordinances
Moving Expenses

Naming Opportunities at Northern Michigan University
News Media Relations and Public Information
Non-Discrimination Policy
Non-Represented Compensation Policy
Non-Supplanting of Funds

Office Environment
Official Correspondence
On-Campus Student Employment
Overnight Parking

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Technology
Parental Notification Regarding Alcohol and Drugs
Password Policy
Petty Cash
Posting Material
Power Lockout
Prohibiting Use of Federal Funds for Lobbying
Prohibited Vehicles
Public Safety, Miscellaneous
Publications & Graphics Guidelines
Purchasing Cards

Rebates and Refunds Policy
Reimbursement for Travel Expenses
Reimbursement for Professional Memberships
Requiring One's own Textbook, other Teaching Materials, or a Patented Product
Residency for Tuition Purposes
Respiratory Protection Policy
Risk Management

Safety Concept
Safety Policy Statement
Scheduling of Classroom and Laboratory Space
Scientific Misconduct
Selection of Student Speaker at Commencement    Ceremonies
Sexual Assault Response/Prevention
Sexual Harassment
Short-Term Loan Regulations
Smoking and Tobacco Use
Social Security Number Privacy
Standard Purchasing Policy
Still Photographic Support
Sudden Death
Summer Flextime Hours

Team Award
Temporary Parking Permits
Telephone Service
Textbook Adoption
Tobacco-free Campus
Travel for Nonemployee Groups

Unauthorized Release of Department of State Information
University Equipment
University Logo
University ID
University Related Business Expenses
University Signage
University-Owned Vehicles
Use of Employee's Association with the University for Financial Gain or for Private Interest
Use of Less Than Lethal Force
Use of Student Information
Use of University Bus
Use of University Facilities and Equipment
Use of University Health Center by University Employees

Vehicle Acquisitions
Vehicle Color and Lettering

Whisteblower Policy
Work Requests to Plant Operations-Facilities
Workplace Violence
Write Offs