Distinguished Team Award Policy

INITIATED: December 21, 2005

APPROVED: January 18, 2006


To recognize faculty and staff who work together in a collaborative team effort to further the University’s mission and/or goals.


Northern Michigan University’s Distinguished Team Award will recognize University work teams, whether formally or informally designated on a continuing or temporary basis, that demonstrated exemplary performance and/or innovation while working together in an open and collaborative manner to achieve a task or charge that furthers the University’s mission and/or goals.


This policy pertains to all faculty, staff and those students assigned to a committee in which the committee membership substantially consist of faculty and staff.


Northern Michigan University will establish, maintain, and implement an on-going team recognition program to recognize University teams that demonstrate exemplary and enthusiastic job performance and innovation while achieving a University associated task or charge.



Initiating Department/Division

Human Resources, ext. 2330. For associated procedure, please click here: Distinguished Team Award Procedure