General Personnel Policy Statement

The policies in this manual cover employees who are not represented by a recognized bargaining unit.  This manual is not a contract, express or implied, guaranteeing employment for any specific duration.  Although we hope that your employment relationship with us will be long term, either you or Northern Michigan University may terminate this relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice.  Please understand that there is no supervisor, manager, or representative of NMU other than the President, or his designee, that has the authority to enter into any agreement with you for employment for any specified period or to make any promises or commitments contrary to the foregoing.  Further, any employment agreement entered into by the President, or his designee, shall not be enforceable unless it is in writing.

These policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan University are not intended to be a complete statement of how the University is to be managed nor are they to be construed as the sole source of administrative authority with respect to personnel matters. 

Northern Michigan University retains the right to change, modify, suspend, interpret or cancel in whole or in part any of the published or unpublished personnel policies or practices of the University, without advance notice, in its sole discretion, without having to give cause or justification or consideration to any employee. 

In order to avoid confusion about the breadth of discretion in which University administrators are authorized to act in personnel matters, the following statement is set forth by way of illustration and not by way of limitation. In carrying out the policies of the Board of Trustees, the duly appointed University administrators are authorized to:

1. exercise full and exclusive control of the management of the University, the supervision of all operations, methods, processes, means, and personnel by which any and all work will be performed, the control of property and the composition, assignment, direction, and determination of the size and type of its working forces;

2. determine the work to be done and the standards to be met by employees;

3. change or introduce new operations, methods, processes, means or facilities, and to determine whether and to what extent work shall be performed by employees;

4. hire all employees, establish and change work schedules, set hours of work, establish, eliminate, combine, or change classifications, prescribe and assign job duties, assign, transfer, promote, demote, release and layoff and recall employees, and to determine the qualifications and competency of employees to perform available work;

5. determine the qualifications and compensation and the conditions for the continued employment of employees, and to suspend, discipline and discharge employees;

6. efficiently and economically manage the affairs of the University, and to maintain an orderly and effective operation of the University, including determination of quantity and quality of service to be rendered, the control of materials, tools and equipment to be used, and the discontinuance of any program, services, material or method of operation.

This policy statement supersedes any and all prior policies, understandings, practices, customs or agreements by the Board of Trustees or the administration of the University with respect to any matter addressed by this statement.

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Professional Development Statement

NMU encourages all staff to stay current in their professional area, to acquire new skills that support the programmatic emphasis or development of their department or to retrain themselves to help meet institutional needs. The University offers professional development leave (similar to sabbatical leave), and has educational leave policies in place to nurture these activities.

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