Personnel Manual


Welcome to Northern Michigan University!

We are glad that you chose Northern Michigan University as your career choice.  Northern Michigan University strives to ensure that your professional experience will be positive and personally rewarding.  This manual was designed to provide you with an easy reference to answer any questions you may have concerning your employment at NMU, its policies and/or fringe benefits.     

These policies apply to regular NMU employees who are not represented by a recognized bargaining unit.   Because these policies are subject to change at the sole discretion of management, we encourage you to review this manual thoroughly and periodically for reference.  Please don't hesitate to contact Human Resources if you have any questions. 

It is the intention of Northern Michigan University to:

  1. Provide management that is skilled, fair and concerned about the welfare of employees;
  2. Competitively compensate each employee in accordance with assigned responsibilities, knowledge, skills and abilities;
  3. Encourage professional development and advancement opportunities;
  4. Discuss willingly and frankly any problems, complaints or questions on University policy;
  5. Provide equal opportunity to all applicants and employees regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, height, weight, marital status, disability/handicap or veteran status.

We wish you the best success in your position and hope that your employment relationship with NMU will be a rewarding experience.


Equal Opportunity at NMU

Northern Michigan University is an equal opportunity institution and an equal opportunity employer.

NMU is committed to administering all employment, admission and educational policies and practices without unlawful discrimination, according to state and federal laws. These laws and policies are intended to ensure fairness in hiring, employee relations and benefits, student admissions, the provision of student services, and workplace and classroom accommodations.

Northern Michigan University does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, height, weight, marital status, familial status, handicap/disability, sexual orientation or veteran status in employment or the provision of services, and provides, upon request, reasonable accommodation including auxiliary aids and services necessary to afford individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all programs and activities.

In addition, Northern Michigan University is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, staff and students.

Complaints of harassment can be reported directly to the Equal Opportunity Office or to the Director of Human Resources.  More information can be found in our Discrimination/Complaint Procedures.


This manual is not a contract, express or implied, guaranteeing employment for any specific duration.  Although we hope that your employment relationship with us will be long term, either you or NMU may terminate this relationship at any time, or any reason, with or without cause or notice.  Please understand that no supervisor, manager, or representative of NMU other that the President, General Counsel or Director of Human Resources has the authority to enter into any agreement with you for employment for any specified period or to make any promises or commitments contrary to the foregoing.  Further, any employment agreement entered into by the President, the General Counsel, or the Human Resource Director shall not be enforceable unless it is in writing.

Please review the General Policy Statement.



General Personnel Policy Statement
Professional Development Statement

  1. Classes of Employees Covered
  2. Types of Appointments
  3. Employee Performance Appraisals
  4. Employee Responsibilities
  5. Employment Rules
  6. Pay Practices
  7. Leaves
  8. Holidays and Seasonal Bonus Days
  9. Employee Benefits
  10. Retirement
  11. Interim Appointments and Temporary Assignments
  12. Discipline
  13. Severance of Employment
  14. Dispute Resolution Procedure
  15. Position Review Procedure


Alcohol and Controlled Substances
Annual Leave
Appraisal Periods
Appraisals--General Provisions
Attendance and Absenteeism
Authorized Paid Absences

Bookstore Discount

Classes of Employees Covered
Classified Positions
Compensation Adjustments
Compensatory Time
Conflicts of Interest
Consultant and Outside Activities
Criminal Acts

Dental Benefit
Disability Leave

Employee Benefits
Employee Performance Appraisals
Employee Responsibilities
Employment of Family Members and Cohabitants
Employment Rules
Expert Witness Leave

Falsification of Records
Family Care Leave
Family and Medical Leave Act Leave (FMLA)
Fire Alarms
Flexible Spending Accounts
Funeral Leave Pay

Gratuities and Special Favors

Hospitalization and Medical Benefit

Illness or Disability Leave
Inclement Weather
Insurance Obligation
Interim Appointments

Jury Duty Leave

Leaves without Pay
Life Insurance
Long-Term Disability

Mandatory Sick Leave
Medical Benefit
Military Leave
Military Reserve and National Guard Duty

Optical Benefit
Outside Activities

Payments on Separation from Employment
Pay Practices
Pay Rate Determinations
Payroll Deductions
Pay Schedules
Personal Leave
Personal Leave Days
Political Activity Leave
Position Review Procedure
Prescription Drug Card Program
Professional Development Leave

Recreation Membership
Requiring One's Own Textbook, Other Teaching Materials, or a Patented Product

Seasonal Bonus Days
Seasonal Leave
Severance of Employment
Short-Term Disability
Sick Leave

Temporary Assignments
Termination, Nondisciplinary
Time Reporting
Tuition Scholarship Program
Types of Appointments
Types of Leaves

Unclassified Positions and Coaches

Workers' Compensation