Employment Opportunities

NMU is the third largest employer in Marquette County. Approximately 1,175 professionals are employed at Northern, about 500 of which are full-time faculty or part-time instructors. In addition, on average, 1,500 to 1,800 students hold campus jobs as part of work-study or regular, part-time student employment each year. 

Different departments are responsible for hiring and overseeing different employee groups.

The Human Resources Department oversees non-faculty employees (management, administrative, professional, clerical, technical, food service, maintenance, police officers and coaches). Click here for current job listings.

The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for faculty hiring (including academic administrators, full-time faculty, adjunct and part-time instructors and graduate assistants). Listings are posted on HigherEdJobs.com

Career Services manages student employment, linking students to job opportunities on campus, in the community and after graduation. Click here for job postings.

Five NMU employee groups are union-represented.

Current employment opportunities are posted on each department’s Web site. Applications are accepted only for posted jobs, and should be submitted to the appropriate hiring office.

If you are considering a career or work as a student at Northern, we welcome you to apply and are happy to address your questions.

Pictured above is Linda Riipi, Clinical Education Coordinator in the School of Clinical Sciences. She is passionate about her job and spending time in the lab, but you will never find her in a kitchen. Full story