Technology Innovation Staff Award Information

(Formerly the TLC Award)

This program recognizes exemplary staff use/support of technology in the areas of teaching or university business practices. The award is designed to recognize essential uses of the mobile device/desktop computer or associated technologies in support of the university’s mission and vision. Up to three awards of $300 each will be made annually.

Who can be nominated:  Staff members who have demonstrated exemplary use/support of the TLC initiatives in the areas of teaching or university business practices.

Who can nominate:  Any individual can nominate someone for recognition provided they are not nominating themselves or part of the group being nominated.

The award encourages and will reward creativity in the following areas:

  • Technology
  • Improving personal attention; interactions with each other
  • Improving communications
  • Improving the way things are done, such as time savings
  • Increasing or simplifying access to information

Individual and team efforts are allowed. Proposals should support the vision of the university:

  • Quality programs
  • High touch
  • High tech

Applications should discuss how the project being put forward addresses the support of the vision of the university focusing on improving the quality of programs, the use of technology, and/or the interaction of staff with the wider university or community. Consideration will be given to those that impact more than one area. The application should describe the project, defining the scope, development of a plan, execution of the plan, and how the project addressed the situation. Applicants should evaluate the project and describe how it impacted the university. Areas discussed in the application should include who was involved, what areas were effected, what areas are benefited, and any savings.

Technology Innovation Staff Award Nomination/Application Form