To assist you in tying in the Road Map to 2015 goals, this site will give you the tools you need to help you implement NMU's Leadership Model. 

At Northern Michigan University we promote and support leadership development and competencies.  Leadership competencies help differentiate what leaders need to accomplish and how they go about it. NMU's Leadership Model integrates both management and leadership competencies into six clear leadership roles. 

The six leadership roles are

Criteria used for developing NMU's leadership model contain:

  • Concise set of competencies
  • Based on the Roadmap and NMU's strategic direction
  • Send a consistent message of expectations for leadership at NMU
  • Incorporate past practice and best practices
  • Avoid leader cloning
  • Build a system, not an event

Why is this model important?

  • Identify leadership requirements for executing NMU's future strategy (the Roadmap)
  • Clarify role expectations of leaders and define the appropriate span of responsibility
  • Identify and correct any gaps in the future leadership pipeline
  • Calibrate expectations across campus

Leadership development should be thought of as a process and not a training event.  You'll find that by implementing these competencies on a daily basis, your performance management goals will be more efficiently achieved. 

Review and practice these guidelines and revisit this site - new developments and tools will be added to help you assist in being NMU's quality leader.

For any additional assistance or questions, please don't hesitate to contact Human Resources at 227-2330.