Your Benefits Appointment

After the Human Resources Department receives a copy of your contract or your  new hire information, you will be contacted to schedule a benefits appointment.

Please bring the following information with you to expedite the orientation process:

  • Your contact information and social security number
  • Names, dates of birth, and social security numbers of those you wish to list as beneficiaries for life insurance.
  • Names, dates of birth, and social security numbers of those you which to add to health, dental and vision coverage
  • Appropriate required documents for benefit eligible dependents, as specified in the "Benefit Eligible Dependent Definitions and Required Documents"
    • Note that eligible dependents will not be enrolled in benefits until all necessary required documents are received.
  • Your banking information, including name and address of your financial institution, bank routing number and bank account number.  To speed up the process, please complete a Direct Deposit form.
  • The forms of identification required for the employment eligibility verification form (I-9). Click here for a list of acceptable documents. Note: You must have either one document from list A, or one document from list B and one document from list C.
  • A completed Federal and State W-4 tax form.

At the meeting, you will receive authorizations for identification cards and information on your parking permit and recreation pass. Your benefits appointment is scheduled to last one hour or less.

If you have questions, you may contact Kimberly DePetro, Benefits Assistant, at 906-227-2470.


Benefits Appointment Follow-up


After your appointment, you must remember to enroll in the NMU Retirement Plan.  If you forget to enroll, you will automatically be defaulted to the TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Fund.


Retirement Enrollment  You will be directed to TIAA-CREF to enroll
Click on ‘Enroll Now’
Enroll on line – click on:  ‘403(b) Retirement Plan’
Register with TIAA_CREF’ (or log in if already have a User ID with TIAA-CREF
Follow instructions.  Note:  Do not change the ‘150722’ access code listed.


Please remember to review the New Employee Orientation.  Go to and then click on the New Employee Orientation link on that page to begin.  You must have a User ID and Password.




Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

First, register as a member if you enrolled in the NMU Health Plan at your benefits appointment.

Sign up to get Explanation of Benefits on line

Search for PPO Providers – Community Blue/Blue Preferred (Use ‘KMU’ for prefix for out-of-state search)


Holiday Schedule – Holidays and Seasonal Bonus Days


NMU Health Center – Hours and Services


Public Safety – Information on Parking and Emergency Text Alert Program


Recreation Membership Information – As a benefits-eligible employee, you are entitled to a free Recreation Pass.  Click here for information on passes for spouse/dependents.

Tax Deferred Annuity [403(b)] Vendors - Enrollment information must be obtained by contacting the vendor of your choosing.  Employees who are interested in having a portion of their income placed in a 403(b) tax-deferred annuity plan through payroll deduction may do so ONLY with the companies listed.  Salary Reduction Agreement forms are also available in the Human Resources office and are required prior to activating the deduction.


Employees are encouraged to inquire as to whether an organization of interest offers a discount.  Many local businesses do offer discounts to faculty, staff, and students.