Post Doctoral Fellow Benefits Summary

Sick Leave Up to six (6) weeks at full salary per fiscal year.

Hospitalization/Medical Hospital, Medical and Prescription Drug Program – Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Coverage effective on date of hire. Cost dependent on claims experience. $50 individual deductible/$100 family deductible; $10 Office co-pay/$50 ER co-pay. Effective 1/1/03 drug co-pays: $5 generic/$10 brand name at NMU Health Center; $10 generic/$20 brand name at participating pharmacy/mail order. Benefit year is January 1 to December 30.

Life Insurance with Accidental Death & Dismemberment One times annual salary rounded to next $1,000 paid by University with immediate coverage. Options of ½, 1, 2 times annual salary and dependent coverage ($10,000 spouse; $5,000 children) may be purchased by individual. Coverage includes a double indemnity clause in case of Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Maximum of $500,000.

Recreation Membership Single Physical Education Recreation Facility membership free (value reported on W-2 form). Family membership available at reduced rate through payroll deduction.

Bookstore Discount 20% on books; 10% on other items. Does not include sale items or caps and gowns.

Funeral Leave  Five days, three days, or one day of paid funeral leave. Please refer to the Post-Doctoral Personnel Policy Manual for specifics.

Social Security Benefits Mandatory University and individual contribution. Monthly benefits at retirement or in case of total disability.

Military Reserve and National Guard Duty The University will abide by Federal and State laws pertaining to the leave of absence, rehire, and status after rehire or leave of absence of faculty who are members of either the National Guard or a unit of the United States Reserve Forces.

Workers’ Compensation The University will abide by appropriate Workers’ Compensation laws.

Parking The University will pay for one (1) parking decal.

Library Access to University library.

Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plans Available through payroll deduction.

Banking, Credit Unions Electronic funds transfer available.

These are summaries of benefits available and are subject to change. Personnel policies, master benefit policies and the rules of insurance providers and administrators control the benefits available. If you have questions about benefits, contact the Human Resources Department at 227-2470.