Forming a Selection Committee

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The purpose of a selection committee is to get different perspectives on the hiring process and to minimize the likelihood that any one decision maker will have a bias toward or against any particular candidate.  Therefore, selection committee members should be as diverse as possible in order to represent a variety of perspectives regarding a particular position incumbent or requirements.  The committee may be comprised of supervisors, peers, clients/customers, or other key stakeholders.  Where possible, attention should be paid to factors which enhance human diversity in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, functional expertise, or other variables which will provide perspectives through which to evaluate the applicant pool.

Aside from offering perspective, each selection committee member should also be able to offer sufficient time and enthusiasm for the search process.  Selection errors can be very expensive and have long-ranging consequence, and it is important that each member of the committee be a willing and committed participant.  As the committee prepares itself for the recruiting step, it is also very important that all members have a clear understanding of (and agreement on) the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other differentiating criteria when evaluating applicants.  

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