AFSCME 2014 Table of Contents

AFSCME Local 1094 Contract

Download a copy of the AFSCME 2014-2017 Contract.


The Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan University and Local 1094 of Council No. 25 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees' Union (AFL-CIO) recognize their responsibilities under federal, state, and local laws relating to fair employment practices.

The University and the Union recognize the moral principles involved in the area of civil rights and have reaffirmed in their Collective Bargaining Agreement their commitment not to unlawfully discriminate.


This Agreement is made effective as of the 1st day of October, 2014 between the Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan University (hereinafter referred to as the "EMPLOYER") and Local Union 1094 of Council No. 25 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO) (hereinafter referred to as the "UNION").

Purpose and Intent

The general purpose of this Agreement is to set forth terms and conditions of employment, and to promote orderly and peaceful labor relations for the mutual interest of the Employer, the Employees, and the Union.

The parties recognize that the interest of the Employer and the job security of the employees depends upon the Employer's success in establishing a proper service to the State.

To these ends the Employer and the Union encourage to the fullest degree friendly and cooperative relations between the respective representatives at all levels and among all employees.

If any of the provisions of this Agreement are held invalid by operation of law or by any competent tribunal, the validity of the other provisions of this Agreement shall not be affected.

Whenever the word "Agreement" is used in this document, it shall be considered synonymous with the word "Contract".

  1. Recognition and Definitions
  2. Management Rights
  3. Non-Discrimination
  4. No Strike or Lockout
  5. Union Security
  6. Membership Dues Check-Off
  7. Bulletin Boards
  8. Work Schedules
  9. Employee Compensation
  10. Seniority and Loss of Seniority
  11. Probationary Employees
  12. Reduction of the Work Force and Recall Procedures
  13. Job Postings and Bidding Procedures
  14. Return to Unit
  15. Sickness, Family Care and Injury Pay
  16. Holidays
  17. Leaves
  18. Fringe Benefits
  19. Disability Programs
  20. Retirement
  21. Longevity Pay
  22. Additional Benefits
  23. Safety
  24. Discipline
  25. Grievance Procedure
  26. Special Conferences
  27. Miscellaneous
  28. Supplemental Agreements
  29. Bargaining Committee
  30. Term of Agreement
  31. Appendix A
  32. Appendix B
  33. Memorandum's of Understanding