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Learn from the best. This program enlists Wildland Firefighters with a vast amount of experience and expertise. 

The Wildland Firefighting Program is a one of a kind dynamic program that engages students in theory as well as hands on work in the field. Coursework is based upon the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Field Manager’s Course Guide . Students earn 13 National Wildfire Coordinating Group Certificates through course work in the program. Please see the following paths you would take if you were to start in the fall or in the winter. 
Fall Start Winter Start
First Fall Semester CR Course Prerequisites Certificates First Winter Semester CR
RE 172 3 Intro to Wildland Firefighting--Lecture None S 130 S 190 L180 I-100 RE 172 3
RE 173 2 Portable Pumps & Water Use--Lecture and work in the field using pumps. RE 172 or Concurrent S 211 RE 372 3
RE 174 2 Wildland Fire Chain Saws--Lecture and work in the field bucking logs and cutting standing timber RE 172 or Concurrent S 212 RE 374 2
RE 175 1 Basic Air Operations--Lecture RE 172 or Concurrent S 270 Elective 4
Elective 4 One 4 Credit Elective       12
2nd Sem. Winter        

2nd Sem    Fall

RE 272 2 Intermediate Fire Behavior-Lecture RE 172 S 290 S 133 RE 173 2
RE 372 3 Fire Crew--Hands on prescribed burns in Florida RE 172   RE 174 2
RE 373 1 Interagency Incident Bus Mgt   Lecture RE 372  2nd half S 260 RE 175 1
RE 374 2

Lessons Learned 2nd Half Lecture

RE 372   RE 272 2
Elective 4 One 4 Credit Elective     RE 373 1
  12       Elective 4
Summer Session        

Summer     Session

RE 292 3 Wildland Fire Field Experience--Hands on experience in the field. RE 172 & Instruct Permission   RE 292 3
Semester 3 Fall        

Semester 3 Winter

RE 375 2 Followership to Leadership Lecture Weekend Class RE 372 L 280 RE 375 2
RE 376 2 Advanced Firefighter Lecture Weekend Class RE 272 and 372 S 131 S 244 RE 376 2
  4         4
Total 31 Credits       31

 "...the benefits that this program offers students as they find work in wildland fire may even open doors into other careers in Natural Resources, Forestry, Recreation, and many related fields as students are able to take the experience gained through these courses at Northern and build upon it elsewhere. The potential for success with an NMU wildland fire program is enhanced even more with the presence of incredibly professional and experienced instructors in the likes of Jeff Noble, Pete Glover, and Ben Wagner." Mitchell Glen, Montana DNRC Wildland Firefighter and NMU Student 

"One of the first things our fire leadership does when reviewing applicants to the open fire jobs each year is look for completion of basic developmental fire courses.  Those folks that attend your university will have a much better opportunity to be hired than most.  An understanding of Basic Air Operations and Interagency Incident Business Management are courses most of our seasonal workforce don’t receive until their second or third years."  Wally Bennett, Fire & Aviation Management Specialist, DNRC Northwest