Residence Hall Rates

Residence Hall Rates for 2017-2018 Academic Year*

*These do not include the required meal plan.

Click here to see floor plans, images, and descriptions of the room types. 

Rates for Gant Hall, Spalding Hall, Hunt Hall, Van Antwerp Hall, Magers Hall, and Meyland Hall

Shared Bedroom Suite    $5,248
Single Shared Suite $6,752
Shared Bedroom with Private Bathroom $5,536
Single Bedroom with Private Bathroom $7,340


Rates for The Woods (New Residence Halls)

Shared Bedroom Suite $6,034
Private Bedroom Suite $7,396
Single Bedroom with Private Bathroom $7,396


Rates for Spooner Hall

Spooner Single with Shared Bathroom $6,338
Spooner Apartment, Double $6,714
Spooner Apartment, Single $8,296



The due date to pay room and board in full is the same date that tuition is due.  You may choose to pay in installments if you sign up for one of NMU's payment plans.  Please refer to to find out about these payment options.

There is also a non-refundable Residence Hall comprehensive fee ($250/year; $125/semester).

Updated:  February, 2017