Recycling in the Residence Halls


All student rooms are provided with a blue recycling bin. The bin is considered part of the room inventory. Students are responsible for removing their own trash and recyclables from their rooms, and taking it to the nearest waste/recycling area in their house or to an outside collection site.

  • Recycle in Your Room
    Use the in-room blue recycling bin to gather your recyclables.
    When the bin is full, take it to the large blue and red bins on your floor. 
  • Single Sort Recycling
    Acceptable paper, glass, plastic and metal can all be mixed in one of the large recyclable bins located on each floor of the residence halls.
  • Recycle With Your Hall
    The outside RED DUMPSTERS are for RECYCLABLES.
    Do not throw your trash in any of the red dumpsters. This contaminates the recyclables and it all becomes trash.

    To learn more about NMU's recycling effort, go to