Housing and Residence Life

Students who are new to NMU may apply for campus housing may apply online and pay their $50 Room Reservation Fee.  Note that students must have applied for and been accepted for admission to the University before applying for campus housing.  Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. 

Residence halls, primarily through the unique interpersonal environment and opportunities for involvement, are positively linked to many of the gains experienced by the students who live in them.  For this reason, NMU does have a housing requirement, and it is important that all students become familiar with the requirement before applying for campus housing.  While you can apply either online or through the mail, we'd prefer that new students apply online to make sure their housing preferences are listed as correctly as possible.

Applying Online

To apply for campus housing online, you will need your NMU Identification Number (the eight digit number that was sent to you in your admissions letter), the first three letters of your last name, and a credit card to pay the $50 Room Reservation Fee.  You may also pay by electronic check using NMU's security online payment system.

Apply Online for Campus Housing (link below)



If you currently live on-campus, use the links below to:

Reserve your room (or another campus room) for next year.
Apply for an on-campus apartment.