Getting Involved

Be Informed, Get Involved, Have Your Voice Heard

With so many things happening on campus, in your hall, and in your house sometimes you might feel you may miss out on something you really wanted to be a part of, including helping to make your house and hall what you think they should be. Being informed, involved, and having your voice heard are important aspects of college life that are easier and more important than you may think. Some suggestions…


InvolvmentHouse and hall meetings are a great way to meet people, to learn about things that are happening on campus, in your hall, and in your house, and to be a part of making your house and hall your ‘home away from home’ – a community that supports you and shares some of your interests and goals.

You, like other students, will learn by being involved. House and hall meetings provide you with an excellent way to be involved in a variety of activities – large and small - with others from your house and hall.


InvolvmentYou probably checked out the Housing and Residence Life web site before you came to NMU to learn a little about residence hall living at NMU. The web site is also a useful tool for students who are enrolled and living on campus because it contains information about various policies and practices, and is updated regularly with information about future hall and house activities as well as photos of your friends and neighbors.


The Housing and Residence Life Office has a cable movie channel that features 22 recently-released movies each month to entertain you and on-going ‘public service messages’ to help you be informed.