Lofts may not be constructed in Gant, Hunt, Magers, Meyland, Spalding, Spooner, Van Antwerp, and West Halls, or the Woodland Park Apartments.  Residence hall loft kit rentals are available on a limited basis to the residents of Gant, Hunt, Magers, Meyland, Spalding, Spooner, Van Antwerp, and West. Students will receive specific details on how to reserve a loft kit ($70 per year) with their fall housing assignment. Once the school year has begun, students can request them at their residence hall front desk on a first come first serve basis.

For students living in Halverson Hall only, NMU’s Loft Policy was developed with input from students and staff to provide students with a framework within which they may creatively and safely make their rooms their own without damaging university property.

Basically, a loft is a wooden frame which raises the bed or beds in your room off of the floor so you have more room for furnishings.  Building a loft for your bed not only adds a distinctive look to your room, it can make it more functional and attractive. Lofts must be constructed with milled, untreated wood to minimize fire hazard, and must be free-standing.  They cannot block windows or doors, and all lofts must be constructed in student rooms and not in TV lounges, hallways or study rooms.

Students must remove double lofts prior to a prospective new student moving into their room.  The University provided bed must be properly arranged for the prospective new roommate.

For a more complete description of how you can build your own loft in Halverson Hall, along with sample drawings, download the guidelines or contact your resident adviser or resident director. Loft Construction Guidelines (pdf)

If you do not want to build your own loft, the Northern Michigan Constructors, a student group, is willing to build lofts for students in Halverson Hall. All orders must be received by August 5, 2016. Download the order form NMC Loft Order Form (pdf).

Gant, Hunt, Magers, Meyland, Spalding, Spooner, Van Antwerp and West Hall Furniture

The pictures below depict samples of loft kits that are available to students who live in the halls noted above.  The loft kit that a student actually rents may, in fact, look slightly different than the representative pictures below.

Loft Kits available for rental in Gant, Hunt, Magers, Meyland, Spalding, Spooner, Van Antwerp, and West Halls ($70 per year).

Bunk Beds are quick and easy to set-up. Contact your residence hall staff member if you and your roommate would like to bunk the beds (no rental charge).


If you are interested in renting a loft kit from NMU ($70 per year), visit to verify that you're assigned to a hall that allows loft kits.  From there, you may reserve your kit.

Please contact your residence hall staff member if you have any questions.