2014-2015 Residence Hall Rates        

Charge Per Academic Year (this does not include a meal plan)

Double Occupancy Room   $4,354
Single Occupancy Room $5,608
Double Room with Private Bathroom $4,598
Single Room with Private Bathroom $6,096
Spooner Single with Shared Bathroom $5,608
Spooner Apartment, Double $5,938
Spooner Apartment, Single $7,338

The due date to pay room and board in full is the same date that tuition is due.  You may choose to pay in installments if you sign up for one of NMU's payment plans.  Please refer to www.nmu.edu/paymentplans to find out about these payment options.

The $125 advance payment, which is due with the residence hall application, is part of the room and board charge and is included in the amounts listed above.  There is also a non-refundable Residence Hall comprehensive fee ($212/year; $106/semester).

Updated:  May, 2014