Bike Retrieval - Main

Bike Retrieval - Part II

If You Registered and Stored your Bicycle with Housing and Residence Life During the Winter

Please come to Spooner Hall during designated bike retrieval times, when additional desk staff will be available to retrieve your bike from storage.  Bicycles may be retrieved:

Monday - Wednesday, April 21-23, 2014
12 noon - 6 p.m.

Please bring your student ID with you when you come to retrieve your bicycle. Desk staffing is limited, so it may not be possible to retrieve your property right away if the staff is busy assisting other residents when you arrive.

If You Think Your Bike Was Removed When the Racks Were Moved in November

During Fall Semester Bike Storage and Bike Rack Removal, a number of bicycles were removed from bike racks and stored in Spooner when the racks were moved by university staff.  If you feel that your bicycle was removed from the racks last fall, please contact Grant Langon, the Resident Director in Spooner Hall, to set up a time to discuss your situation.  Grant can be reached at or 227-2570.  The Spooner Hall desk personnel will not be able to retrieve your bicycle; you must meet with Grant to identify and claim your bike.  You will also need to bring a Student ID in order to claim your bike if it is in fact stored in Spooner.

There will be a $25 charge for you to retrieve your bicycle if university staff had to remove it from the racks last fall.

Bicycles that are not claimed by the end of the semester will be handled according to NMU's Abandoned Property procedures; typically held for 30 days before being disposed of.