Reserving An Apartment

Current residence hall students who are eligible to live off-campus are encouraged to consider an on-campus apartment for 2014-2015.  Students can reserve both a residence hall room (as a back-up) using the form they received from their Resident Adviser and apply for an on-campus apartment. 

Apartment applications are available from the Housing and Residence Life Office (3502 Hedgcock) or can be requested by sending an email to  While apartment applications must be accompanied by an advance payment of $125, the $125 advance payment to confirm a residence hall room reservation is not due until June 1, 2014.  Please note:

  • Students who are assigned to an apartment before June 1 do not need to finalize their residence hall reservation.
  • Students who are not assigned to an apartment before June 1 will also need to finalize their residence hall room reservation by paying the $125 residence hall advance payment.  Those students who are then assigned to an apartment after they confirm their residence hall room reservation with their $125 residence hall advance payment can then have the extra $125 credited to their apartment rent.
  • Students who cancel their apartment application before begin offered an apartment, will have their $125 apartment advance payment refunded.
  • Students who cancel their room reservation before August 1, 2014 will receive the $75 refundable portion of their advance payment provided they notify the Housing and Residence Life Office in writing (3502 Hedgcock, 1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI 49855) or by email (

Apartment Availability

Apartment availability changes constantly as tenants leave and new assignments are made.  Of course, students being offered an apartment will be notified as possible. 

Assignment Priority

Apartments are assigned on the basis of availability and according to the following priorities:

  1. Student-families (married couples with or without children and single parents with one or more children [who apply before June 1];
  2. Single students applying for an apartment with one or more preferred roommates;
  3. Single students applying for an efficiency or one-bedroom apartment as a single;
  4. Single students applying for an apartment without a roommate preference; and
  5. Faculty and staff members.

Move-In Date

When applying for an on-campus apartment, applicants are asked to provide a preferred move-in month.  The preferred move-in month, along with the date the application was received, is then used by Housing and Residence Life staff to make assignments.  In general, individuals requesting an earlier move-in month in the Assignment Priority groups listed above will be offered an apartment before those with a later move-in date.

If you are offered an apartment, you are expected to honor the preferred move-in date you list on the application and move into the apartment within 48 hours of that date.  If you are offered an apartment based on your preferred move-in date, and then notify Housing and Residence Life that your preferred move-in date has changed to a later date, the apartment offer will be withdrawn, the apartment you were offered will be assigned to someone else, and you will have the option of being placed back on the waiting list.


Questions about applying for an apartment should be forwarded to the Housing and Residence Life Office at (906) 227-2620 or