2008 Paint Projects

Paint projects help residents identify with the place that they call home and make the walls colorful and fun!

This year many houses have taken up the challenge of upgrading their houses with new paint projects. Check out all the hard work they put into making their houses look great!

Reel House

RA Jeremy works on the Reel House's paint project in West hall

Reel House

A new addition to the Reel House: The Little Mermaid

Reel House

A Reel House resident dedicates her time to making her house look nice.


Whoville in Hunt Hall works hard on their paint project.....


...and an adorable painting is the result!

American Graffiti

American Graffiti in Van Antwerp Hall completed their paint project in the spring of 2008.

Mountain House

Mountain House in Van Antwerp Hall worked hard on their paint project as well.