Lofts may not be constructed in the residence halls, but loft kit rentals are available on a limited basis. Students will receive specific details on how to reserve a loft kit ($70 per year) with their fall housing assignment. Once the school year has begun, students can request them at their residence hall front desk on a first come first serve basis.

Basically, a loft is a wooden frame which raises the bed or beds in your room off of the floor so you have more room for furnishings.  Building a loft for your bed not only adds a distinctive look to your room, it can make it more functional and attractive. Lofts must be constructed with milled, untreated wood to minimize fire hazard, and must be free-standing.  They cannot block windows or doors, and all lofts must be constructed in student rooms and not in TV lounges, hallways or study rooms.

The pictures below depict samples of loft kits that are available to students who live in the halls noted above.  The loft kit that a student actually rents may, in fact, look slightly different than the representative pictures below.

Loft Kits allow for additional storage and flexibility.

Bunk Beds are quick and easy to set-up. Visit the front desk to ask for bed pins.

Please contact your residence hall staff member if you have any questions.