Overnight Guests

The University recognizes that students may wish to host a guest overnight in their room or apartment.  The University also supports student's right to privacy and quiet in his or her on-campus residence.

The Northern Michigan University Student Code states:

University Regulations Students at Northern Michigan University are responsible for their guest's compliance with University rules and regulations.  Students may be charged through the NMU judicial process for violations of the Student Code by their guests.

Overnight Guests  Overnight guests of the same sex are permitted in University housing facilities provided the roommate has agreed to the visit.  Guests must be registered with the resident director or his/her designee.  Guests should be registered one day in advance when possible, and residents are urged not to host guests during final examination week.  The host shall be responsible for their guest's conduct.  Guest privileges shall not be so construed as to permit people to simply "move in" for extended periods of time. Under no circumstances will more than three people be permitted to occupy a residence hall room  overnight.  Residents who host unregistered guests may be charged a fee of $5.00 per night for each unregistered guest.

Rights of Residents  A resident's right to privacy and quiet within their own room or apartment is very important and must be a primary consideration.  It is essential that students wishing to host an overnight guest respect their roommate's and, as appropriate, suitemates' rights. The host/hostess must honor all reasonable requests made by his or her roommate and/or suitemates in this regard.  Difficulties between roommates and with suitemates that cannot be resolved must be brought to the prompt attention of a Housing and Residence Life staff member (e.g., resident adviser or resident director), preferably before proposed arrangements for the guest's arrival are finalized.

Limitations  As indicated in the Student Code regulation concerning Overnight Guests, a resident in a two-person room or apartment is limited to one guest. A student living in a single room or apartment may have up to two guests.  Guests are permitted for up to three consecutive nights.

Host/Hostess Responsibilities  The host/hostess is responsible for:

1.    Obtaining prior approval from his or her roommate and suitemate(s) to have a guest stay in his or her room and utilize the bathroom.

2.    Completing an Overnight Guest Registration Form and properly registering his or her guest with his or her resident director at least twenty-four hours prior to the guest's scheduled arrival.

3.    Informing his or her guest(s) of applicable expectations, rules, and regulations and encouraging appropriate behavior from the guest(s). Students are responsible for their guest's compliance with University rules and regulations and may be charged through the NMU judicial process for violations of the Student Code by their guests.

Expectations for Guests

1.    Pre-approved guests must sign in at the appropriate desk upon their arrival and must sign out at the desk when they leave. Host/hostesses must note established desk hours.

2.  All guests must abide by house and hall expectations.  In addition, guests who are University students must abide by University Regulations and Administrative Policies. Non-student guests must abide by University Ordinances. Reports of inappropriate behavior of guests will be processed in accordance with appropriate University procedures.

Visitation (Non-Overnight Guests)  While the University does not limit the days or times that a student may have a visitor of the opposite gender in their room, the person's roommate's right to privacy and to quiet must be a primary consideration.  In addition, the University's Student Code states, "Students using the privilege of visitation may not engage in cohabitation or indecent activities which contravene State law."

Cancellation  The President or his designate (e.g., resident director, assistant director of housing and residence life, director of housing and residence life, or dean of students) may decide that individuals have abused the privilege of hosting an overnight guest and may suspend the policy for an individual until such time and upon such terms and conditions as deemed appropriate.

Parking  Overnight guests must register at the Parking Bureau, located in the Public Safety and Police Services Office inside of the Services Building.  Parking Bureau hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.  If a visitor cannot register with the Parking Bureau, he or she must register with the Public Safety and Police Services dispatch.  This can be done 24 hours a day.  Overnight guests may park in Lot 20 (located on Lincoln Avenue), Lot 21 (located on Center Street), and Lot 46 (located across Wright Street).