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In Gant Hall students are accepted for who they are individually. Students are encouraged to be involved within their community and build lasting relationships by trying new hobbies, developing new lifestyles, and learning about their peers’ backgrounds. Gant residents identify their communities as involved, spontaneous, and close-knit. Living in the Gant Hall community provides students with an active yet relaxed college experience that is represented with long lasting friendships and pride. Gant Hall is made up of five co-ed houses and one all male house. Gant Hall is building 65 on the campus map.

Note:  Due to the type of furniture in the Gant Hall rooms, lofts are not permitted.  Loft kits manufactured to fit the beds are available for rent.



Gant Hall Government

Vision Statement: We are not a residence hall; we are a residence home. Safe, understanding, kindhearted, and fun; we are the strongest when we are together as one.

Mission Statement: Gant Hall is a place for you to find friends who accept you for who you are. Gant is a place where you are encouraged to get to know people with different hobbies, lifestyles, and backgrounds. People who live in Gant say, "I can't imagine living anywhere else."


Gant Hall Staff


Resident Director - Justine Defever
(906) 227-2804

Justine is originally from Alma, Michigan. She is a graduate of Saginaw Valley State University where she was a Professional and Technical Writing major with minors in Communication and Psychology.  While attending Saginaw Valley, Justine was a Resident Assistant, Front Desk Worker, and Orientation Leader. She also used her writing and design education to create technical documents for various departments and promotional materials for local businesses. In her free time, Justine likes to write, draw, bake cupcakes, watch mystery television shows, meet new people, and explore Marquette.

Office Hours
10:00 a.m. - Noon
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Noon - 2:00 p.m.

Gant/Spalding Front Desk: (906) 227-2015

Building and Grounds Attendant – Tony Jacobetti


Resident Adviser Staff

First Floor
Kaci Kuster
Hero House
(906) 227-3423
Mckenzie Shores
(906) 227-3450
Second Floor
Ken Schlesser
Happy House
(906) 227-3475
Alex Roggow
(906) 227-3504
Third Floor
Matt Grumley
The Strip
(906) 227-3529


2016 - 2017 Gant Hall Staff


Gant Hall Traditions


Gant Hall is named after Luther Gant, who was a teacher, registrar and director of admissions at NMU for 42 years. The hall opened in 1965.


  • Luther O. Gant (L.O.G.) Games

  • "Make Luther Proud" campaign

  • Make a Difference Day

  • Mobster's Ball

  • Halloween Party

Interesting Facts:

  • Gant Hall is connected to NMU's main dining facility, the Marketplace, and shares a lobby with Spalding Hall.

  • Gant is right on the bike trails that lead to Lake Superior and the downtown area.

  • Each year, Gant Hall residents strive to "Make Luther Proud," referring to the hall's namesake, Luther O. Gant.