Contract Release

The residence hall or on-campus apartment contract, which is signed when a student moves into a residence hall or checks into an apartment, is in effect for the entire academic year (fall through winter semester) or from the time of arrival until the end of the winter semester. Students who subsequently meet one of the conditions of the housing requirement after signing the contract (i.e.: have earned more than 56 credits after the fall semester, etc.) are not exempt from the fulfilling the contract. The Housing and Residence Life Office realizes that a student may wish to terminate the residence hall or on-campus apartment contract that was signed. Contract releases may occasionally be granted for a variety of reasons outlined below. 

Any student may apply for a contract release from the residence hall or single student apartment contract if they believe that critical financial need, serious medical reasons, or other extenuating circumstances prevent him or her from complying with the terms of the contract. In considering such requests, NMU looks for one or more situations beyond the student's control that prevents a student from fulfilling the terms of the residence hall or on-campus apartment contract or creates a substantial difficulty for the student that can only be alleviated by allowing them to live off-campus, or has a unique opportunity that substantially outweighs the benefits of living on campus.

Those involved in considering such applications may seek information, insight and recommendations from others familiar with the student’s circumstances as appropriate, such as residence hall staff and/or staff from the health center, financial aid office, disability services, etc., which can then be provided to the Contract Release Committee.

Contract Release Application

A student will normally meet with his or her resident director to pick up an application, review the application process, discuss the circumstances he or she wishes to have considered and obtain general assistance.  The student should complete the Contract Release Application, making sure to specifically state why he or she wants a release from the residence hall or apartment contract, describe the alternatives that have been explored and state the resolution of those efforts.   The completed application is to be returned to the resident director of the residence hall in which the student lives.  When applying, a student should note:

  1. Financial circumstances:  A student who applies for financial reasons should have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the financial aid office and have been in contact with that office regarding his or her circumstances before applying for a release from their housing contract.  The financial aid office will routinely be consulted when the application is considered.
  2. Medical circumstances: A student who wishes to apply for a release due to medical circumstances must obtain a Request for Medical Information (pdf), which must be sent to his or her attending physician to document the circumstances that the student would like considered.  The completed Request for Medical Information is to be sent to the NMU Health Center to be reviewed with regard to on-campus living by the university’s physician prior to being considered with the student’s application.
  3. Other circumstances:  A student who whishes to apply on the basis of any other extenuating circumstance should include relevant documentation with his or her application.

The Contract Release Committee will consider applications for contract releases.  Appeals of those that are denied will be considered by the Housing Appeals Committee.  The appeal must be based on information that was not presented or considered during the first review. The decision of the Housing Appeals Committee is final.