What's New in the Apartments

Check back here often to learn about new events going on in the apartments and to see pictures of all the fun happenings around the areas.


Upcoming Events:

  • Check back soon for updates!


Fall 2010 in the Apartments:

  • Welcome Back Weekend Beach Bonfire on M-28

  • BBQ and Frisbee Golf

  • Participated in the Annual Labor Day Kickball Tournament

  • Participation in Homecoming Events


Advisory Boards Every few weeks a group of residents in each of the apartment areas get together to plan events such as BBQ's, discuss concerns regarding their living environment in order to create solutions, to have refreshments, and to provide feedback to the larger Housing and Residence Life Office so we can serve you better.  Contact your Community Adviser today to see when people are getting together in your area!


Woodland's Third Floor is leading in the Superior Edge Logging Competition at 100 logged hours!

800, 801, 821 Summit/Center is in second place at 6 logged hours!

Building Fire

On-Campus Apartments building a bonfire on the beach for Welcome Back Weekend.

Tenants gathered.

Tenants gathered on the beach enjoying the summer evening.

Tenants gathered.

Chatting and awaiting the bonfire.

Tenants and volleyball.

Tenants playing a little beach volleyball.

Tenants at BBQ

All smiles while attending the BBQ and Frisbee Golf event at Woodland.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golfing with the On-Campus Apartments.

Frisbee Golf

Ready for a good game!