Community and Resident Advisers

Resident Advisers

Spooner StaffEach individual living unit (house) is staffed by a resident adviser who is responsible for helping students achieve their educational goals through effective community living and by taking appropriate advantage of all that the university and community have to offer.

RA’s work throughout the year in cooperation with the residents of the house to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to the enjoyment and personal growth of the residents in the area.

Your RA is probably the most accessible and valuable resource person you will meet. Get to know him or her as early in the year as possible.

I’ve grown more than I believed possible as a resident adviser. Before this year, I was outgoing but still mostly a shy and tentative individual. Now? I believe in myself more. I believe in my values, my beliefs, and what I’m trying to do with my residents. Being a resident adviser can challenge who you are, and force you to come to grips with that person you look at in the mirror. Want to find out about other people, who you are, and what you’re capable of? Then the resident adviser position is something to go for.

~Rich Andersons, RA Hunt Hall

Community Advisers

Community AdvisersEach apartment area is staffed by a community adviser who is an upperclassman or graduate student responsible for helping tenants to take advantage of university resources, communicate with one another, solve problems and develop a positive environment in their apartment community.

The CA provides a variety of services to tenants to include orientation to on-campus apartment living, responding to requests for assistance and information, and assistance with the development of activities as well as the promotion of activities sponsored by other campus organizations and departments.

In addition, the community adviser invites tenants to serve with him or her on an area advisory board to facilitate on-going input and feedback from tenants on a variety of apartment community related matters.


The selection processes for the resident adviser and community adviser positions take place during October and February.  Residents interested in applying for a paraprofessional position should pick up an application from the front desk or from their Resident Director.



The RA/CA process is typically a three step process:

The applications for the RA and CA positions are typically made available in mid October and again in early February at the Housing and Residence Life Office and every residence hall and apartment front desk.

Next the applicant will join all the other applicants in what we call "Staff Selection Workshop" where the applicants work in teams to solve problems and discuss issues. This is typically held one week after the applications are due.

Shortly after the Staff Selection Workshop the resident directors begin to extend invitations to interview with specific applicants. Decisions of who receives a final interview is based off of workshop performance as well as their application.

It is our goal to complete all fall selections by Dec. 1 and all winter semester selections by April 1.