Honors Student Profile

Cassandra Hastings

Major:  Pre-Medicine
Graduation:  May 2014

How are honors classes different from your others classes at Northern?

The atmosphere in the classes is different. The students have a close connection with their honors professors that I don’t always see in my other classes. All of the students participate in the discussions compared to only a few students you might see in other classes.

What has been your favorite honors class so far in the honors program?

My favorite class so far has been HON 495: The Stratford Experience. I loved having the opportunity to travel to Stratford, Canada’s Shakespeare festival to see some of Shakespeare’s greatest works come alive on stage.

How has honors helped you in your academic career?

My career is heavily built into the sciences and the honors program has provided the outlets necessary to become a well rounded person literate in the arts.

What do you do for fun in Marquette?

I do a lot of things for fun! Some of my favorite things to do are go camping, hiking, and play ultimate Frisbee with the NMU club team! Something I want to try new this year around Marquette is ice climbing!