Honors Program - Honors Field Trips

Many interesting cultural venues and historical sites in the U.S. are located  within a day's drive of Marquette. Featured on this page are field trip experiences enjoyed by NMU honors students- another example of activities beyond the classroom.

10 Chimneys tour groupEight freshman Honors students traveled to Milwaukee in late September to visit Ten Chimneys the home of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne and attend a Milwaukee Symphony concert.

Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne are widely considered the greatest acting team in the history of American theatre. Every summer they would return to their home west of Milwaukee and invite fellow artists to spend time with them.

Their home is now a National Historic site where visitors get to learn about their lives and friendships against the backdrop of the American theatre.

Van riders The group traveled by van from Marquette to Milwaukee, en route to 10 Chimneys the group stopped off in Hartford Wisconsin for lunch. Dr. Broadway, the interim Honors Director, stopped to ask the mounted policeman where a good place for lunch was - the policeman recommended the Mineshaft- Wisconsin's largest restaurant and bar.

In the evening the group headed out for dinner at the John Hawks restaurant on the Milwaukee riverfront and walked to the concert hall where they heard a Brahms Symphony and a Beethoven piano concerto.